Excited to be part of the A-Team RegTech Webinar on “Leveraging NLP for regulatory compliance” taking place on 14th June 2022. More information here:

I gave a Native Scientist webinar in French for francophone children in Cork on “How to teach a computer to speak about the family”. That was really fun!

Blog post on definition writing guidelines for ontologies based on my work with Alan Ruttenberg and Barry Smith

Blog post on my presentation of RegDef at the Pint of Science Festival 2019 in Cork

Presenting my RegDef project at the Pint of Science Festival 2019 in Cork

RegDef officially launched

RegDef, my Marie Skłodowska-Curie Career-FIT project, was officially launched at the kick-off meeting that took place in Dublin on 20 February 2019 with Enterprise Ireland, GR3C, and Governor Software.