In proceedings | Dans actes, IWOOD 2014 (ex-DO 2014)

Textual and logical definitions in ontologies

Selja Seppälä, Yonatan Schreiber and Alan Ruttenberg, Textual and logical definitions in ontologies, in Proceedings of The First International Workshop on Drug Interaction Knowledge Management (DIKR 2014), The Second International Workshop on Definitions in Ontologies (IWOOD 2014), and The Starting an OBI-based Biobank Ontology Workshop (OBIB 2014), CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol-1309, Houston, TX, USA, October 6-7, pp. 35-41.

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We discuss the structure and functions of definitions and axioms in ontologies from the perspective of a terminologist and logician respectively. By working through a few examples of the correspondence between parts of the textual definitions and the axioms, we show how to compare and contrast each and how each perspective reveals areas for improvement. Having established a correspondence between the textual and logical parts of ontology term definitions, we discuss the possibility of developing tools that help developers improve their ontologies. Such tools could be used to check both the textual definitions against the asserted axioms and vice versa. In addition, we propose a few other ways of checking the contents of textual definitions.


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